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Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about your housing?  Not sure where to find info about your rotation?  Need help finding your way around Wilmington?  You can always call, email, or stop by the Student Services office.  We're located on the ground floor of the AHEC wing in New Hanover Regional Medical Center.  Take the elevator by the AHEC Health Sciences Library and go to the basement.  Student Services is at the end of the hallway, behind the glass doors, to your right.


I haven't received my rotation information. What do I do?

If you haven't received rotation information, you can contact the Housing Coordinator, Laurie Meadows, by calling 910-343-0161 extension 270, or by sending her an email at


I got my rotation information, but I lost it. Help!

No problem!  Just contact Laurie as soon as you realize you've lost your information and she will be more than happy to resend it.


What is my housing assignment?

Your emailed rotation letter contains a paragraph outlining your housing assignment information.  If, for some reason, this is NOT included in your letter, or you no longer have your letter, contact Laurie and she'll gladly resend the information.


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I need housing, but I'm not sure if I signed up for it.  Can I still get it?

In most cases, yes.  Just be sure to contact Laurie as soon as you realize your need for housing, and she will do her best to assign you a space and give you all the information you need.


Where do I pick up my housing key?

Your rotation letter outlines your housing assignment.  Embedded in the letter are directions to the NHRMC switchboard.  The switchboard office has a list of all students using AHEC housing and will give you your key.  Please note that the housing outlined in your letter may not necessarily be the one to which you are assigned when you arrive in Wilmington.  If your rotation takes place outside of Wilmington [in Burgaw, Whiteville, Oak Island, etc.] Laurie Meadows will mail you a key.  If you are rotating outside Wilmington and have not received a key within 10 days before your rotation, please be sure to notify Laurie.


My key doesn't work.  Help!

If you arrive at your apartment and find that your key does not work, don't panic.  Please make sure you work with the key for a few minutes before giving up.  In many cases, pulling the key out of the lock just a millimeter or so will allow you to unlock it with no problem.  Also, be sure to try turning the key to both the left AND the right.  If you try and still can't get the key to work, ask the hospital switchboard to issue you a different key.  If trying the new key still does not work, the NHRMC Special Police has an extra set of keys for Savannah Court.

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Will I have a roommate?

Yes.  We have students from several different schools rotating at different times throughout the year, and our housing is in high demand. Please be prepared to share a bedroom with another student.  Students in outlying areas [not in Wilmington proper] may be housed with a person of the opposite gender, though we try our best to work around that.  If you have any roommate concerns, or want to know when to expect another incoming student, please contact Laurie.


Are pets allowed?

Sorry, no.  This is a very strict no-exceptions policy that we have always adhered to at Coastal AHEC.  If a pet is discovered in your apartment, you will be asked to leave AHEC housing and make your own arrangements for the remainder of your rotation.


What about out of town guests?

Out of town guests are not allowed to stay in AHEC housing.  Housing is provided for students only.


It's the first day of my rotation.  Where do I go?

Most students' first day will begin with orientation, led by the housing coordinator.  Exceptions are: students using AHEC housing in Whiteville, Burgaw, or Oak Island, first and second-year students, and students who have gone through orientation within the month prior to their current rotation.  If you are an inpatient student, you may receive an additional emailed letter [besides the one sent by Laurie Meadows] from someone in the department you'll be working in.  Be sure that you DO attend the orientation mentioned in Laurie's letter; you will need to fill out important paperwork and receive an ID badge.


Where do I park?

Parking at the medical center changes almost daily due to construction.  You will need to check with the Student Services office to find out where to park.


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Where can I access the internet?

Students using AHEC housing now have access to wireless internet.  You will need to enter a one-time security code to gain access.  Please see Laurie Meadows to obtain the code.  Also, Coastal AHEC's library (/library/library-home.asp) has an excellent computer center with everything you need.  Additionally, there are several other places at which you can access the internet including Port City Java and the public libraries.  See Laurie for a listing of internet accessible locations.


Where can I do my laundry?

There are several laundry centers convenient to Coastal AHEC housing.  These include Sunrise Express Laundromat and Coastal Dry Cleaner and Coin Laundry, both located on 17th St.  The student services office has a listing of these and other information about the area.


What are the injury and needle stick procedures?

Students experiencing a needle stick or body fluid exposure will be directed to NHRMC's Employee Health center to receive care.  The Employee Health Center is located on the service floor of the hospital.  In the event that the Employee Health Center is closed, affected students will be directed to the hospital's Emergency Department.  The Student Services office has a handout regarding this protocol that is given to all students at orientation and can also be sent via email.


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What is there to do in Wilmington if I have extra time on my hands?

Wilmington is full of things to do!  You can pick up a guide to restaurants, including directions to various parts of town, at the Student Services office.  If you ever need suggestions, we're more than happy to provide some.  You can also check out the Wilmington Insider's Guide website ( for tons more information.


Where should I have my mail forwarded?

Students staying in Wilmington who wish to have their mail forwarded to them here should have it sent to:

[Student Name]

c/o Student Services Office

Coastal AHEC

PO Box 9025

Wilmington, NC 28402


Your mail will be in the Student Services office for you to pick up.


What should I do if I have a housing maintenance problem?

All maintenance and pest problems should be addressed to Laurie.  If she can't fix it, she'll call the maintenance crew to come to your apartment.  Please note that students are NOT responsible for replacing light bulbs.  We keep a full stock on hand, so if you need one [or a few] just let Laurie know.


How do I find my preceptor's office?

Using the address provided in your rotation letter, visit or to obtain driving directions and maps.  If you're not sure of your preceptor's address, just contact Laurie and she'll give you the information.


I have an issue with my rotation site/practice.  What do I do?

If you find that you have a problem with your rotation site, please contact the director of Student Services, Meredith Hughes, at 910-343-0161 ext. 243 or at  Meredith will help you work through the issue while maintaining the strictest confidentiality.


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What do I do once my rotation is over?

On the last day of your rotation, you will need to return your key and your ID badge to the Student Services office.  There is a drop box by the door for after-hours convenience.  If you received a yellow placement evaluation sheet, you need to fill it out and turn that in as well [these placement evaluations are VERY important and all names are kept confidential].  DO NOT RETURN BADGES, KEYS, OR PAPERWORK TO THE SWITCHBOARD OFFICE OR MEDICAL DEPARTMENTS.  Make sure all of your personal items, as well as any food you brought in, are cleared out of your apartment.









This page was last updated on January 18, 2007