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Physicians Associated with UPS

University Professional Services is a centralized billing and collections office for the following physicians listed in the table below.  Our service areas consist of Obstetrics and Gynecology,  Medicine, Perinatology, Reproductive Endocrinology, Surgery, Neonatology and Pediatric Specialties.


Allen, William G. Contract
Buchanan, William Contract
Bumbalo, Thomas Contract
Byrne, Michael Contract
Calhoun, Linda Contract
Collins-Hill, Margaret Contract
Conley, Martin Contract
Crafford, William Contract
Dunn, Thaddeus Contract
Gilmore, Brian Contract
Gonzalez, Jorge J. AHEC
Gramley, William Contract
Hamerski, Douglas Contract
Harper, James Contract
Harshbarger, John Contract
Helak, Joseph Contract
Henihan, Robert Contract
Herion, John Contract
Hyman, Gary Contract
Kaeslingk-Arb, Brigit Contract
King, William Contract
Kittinger III, JW Contract
Kliassov, Vassileva AHEC
Lee, Douglas Contract
Legere, Brian Contract
Mastrangelo, Michael Contract
McCabe, James Contract
McMillan, William AHEC
Mertesdorf, James Contract
Moeller, Michael Contract
Moore III, Robert Contract
Opper, Frederick Contract
Patel, Praful Contract
Pino, Joseph AHEC
Puett, David Contract
Rhyne, Janelle Contract
Robinson, Derrick Contract
Robinson, Norman AHEC
Sawyer, David Contract
Schimizzi, Greg F. Contract
Schleupner, Charles AHEC
Shufod, William F. Contract
Snow, David Contract
Snyder, James Contract
Tesfaye, Daniel Contract
Tsiktsiris, Louis Contract
Vassileva, Isabella AHEC
Tamisiea, Richard Contract
Ungaro, Peter C. AHEC
Wiegman, Peter Contract
Winslow, Timothy Contract
Young, Stephen L. AHEC


McArtor, Robert D. AHEC
Najak, Zeba AHEC
Sharaf, Mohammed AHEC


Chase, Timothy Contract
Cracker, Andrew Contract
Duruman, Bora Contract
Halladay, Jacqueline AHEC
Lofgren, Laif AHEC
McKain, Laura Contract
Powell, John L AHEC
Price, James Contract
Rhodes, Kyle Contract
Robison, Daniel Contract
Stewart, Terry G. Contract
Taylor, Britton Contract
Vogel, Josh AHEC
Wilder, James AHEC
Wilson, Clarence Contract
Wright, Brent D. AHEC

UNC-CH Pediatric Specialty Physicians

Barker, Pierre  Pulmonology
Belhorn, Thomas Infectious Disease
Cotton, John  Cardiology
Daeschner, Charles  Hematology
Davis, Stephanie  Pulmonology
Gold, Stewart  Hematology
Herrington, Robert  Cardiology
Lim, Wilma  Infectious Disease
Long, Walker  Cardiology
Rhoades, Marc  Gastrointestinal
Robinson, Blair  Cardiology


Hage, Marvin AHEC
Hisley, John AHEC
Wright, Lydia AHEC

Reproductive Endocrinology

Pasquarette, Mark AHEC


Clancy, Thomas AHEC
Hubbard, Alan Contract
Kotwall, Cyrus AHEC
Lynn, Allison Contract
Nakayama, Don AHEC
Payne, Joseph Contract
Purcell, Peter Contract
Scott II, Charles Contract



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