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New Hire Information 

 Pre-employment Physical

All new hires are to complete a pre-employment physical prior to their start date, which includes:

  • Nursing Assessment

  • Lab Work

  • Immunizations/PPD

  • Respirator Fit Testing

  • Urine Drug Screening

This physical will be done at the NHRMC Employee Health Service located on the first floor by the purchasing/distribution area.  Hours of operation are 7:00 am to 4:00 pm on Monday through Friday.

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Background Screening

All prospective employees must be cleared by Corporate Investigations Inc. and NHHN Security prior to their start date.  Information obtained may include:

  • Criminal Conviction Report (mandatory search)

  • Cross Reference Plus  (mandatory search)

  • OIG Database (mandatory search)

  • Motor Vehicle Report

  • Verification of Education

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All new permanent employees are required to attend the general Medical Center orientation held every Monday and Tuesday beginning at 8:00 am and lasting until 4:00 pm.  This orientation is conducted by NHHN's Human Resources department in the Cameron Education Building Auditorium.

During this orientation, you will receive information pertaining to Medical Center policies, practices, pay, benefits, and other important facts about NHRMC.

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Identification Badges

AHEC identification badges are issued to new employees during orientation. 

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Vehicle Registration and Parking

You are required to register your vehicle(s) you intend to use to get to and from work with the Security Department.  Security will issue one (1) Medical Center parking decal per vehicle.  This decal will be conspicuously displayed on the left rear bumper (driver's side) or the lower portion of the rear window.

Free parking is provided for all employees in designated areas.  Namely, the first and third levels of the parking deck located behind the Coastal Rehabilitation Center.  Also, additional parking in the large parking lots in front of and behind the Cameron Education Building which houses the Coastal Area Health Education Center.

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NHRMC recognizes that smoking is both a health hazard and a safety hazard.  Therefore, to provide for the safety, comfort and health of the patients, employees, medical staff, volunteers and other guests, smoking is not permitted in the Medical Center.  However, on the bottom level of the parking deck, outside the stairwell closest to the Oaks, is a designated smoking area.

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It is our goal to employ the best qualified applicants and to provide equal opportunity for all prospective applicants for employment.  The Coastal Area Health Education Center does not discriminate because of race, color, creed, national origin, religion, sex, age or handicap.  All decisions regarding the recruitment, selection, and placement of employees are made solely on the basis of job related criteria. We use cell phone spy for some vacancies

In no event shall the employment of an employee, nor the policies and statements contained herein, be considered as creating a contractual relationship between the employee and the Coastal Area Health Education Center; and unless otherwise provided in writing, such relationship shall be defined as "employment at will," where either party may dissolve the relationship at any time with or without cause.  Moreover, the Coastal Area Health Education Center expressly reserves the right in its discretion to modify or amend any of the policies contained herein.

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Trial Period of Employment

It is Coastal Area Health Education Center's policy that all new employees and current employees transferred or promoted to a new position will be subject to a 90-day trial period of employment.  During this time, you are given the opportunity to learn about your new job and management is given the opportunity to evaluate your job performance.  No later than the end of this period, your supervisor will prepare a written evaluation of your performance for review with you.  Upon successful completion of your trial period, you will merit regular employment status.

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Pay Periods and Pay Day

All employees are paid by check or direct deposit on a bi-weekly basis covering a two-week pay period commencing on Sunday and ending on Saturday at 12:00 midnight.  Employees will be paid, and deductions for benefits will be made, based on 26 pay periods annually.

Normal pay days are on Friday.  The check or direct deposit voucher you receive covers all wages earned during the previous two-week period.  Payroll direct deposit vouchers will be sent to each department via inter-office mail by 10:00 am on Thursday of a pay week.  Direct deposit collectible funds will be available in accounts by 9:00 am on Friday of a pay week.  Payroll checks will be available for pick-up in the Administration office by 9:00 am on Friday of a pay week.  Please have your Coastal AHEC identification badge available when picking up your paycheck.

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This page was last updated on September 4, 2001