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Operating the Sharp Video Projector  

Turning on Projector

Connect computer cable to projector and computer. Once the cable is connected turn on the projector first and then the computer. The projector has 2 steps to turn on the power supply:

  1. Press the power switch on the back of the projector.
  2. Press the "on" button on top of the projector.

If nothing is being projected check the following:

  • Projector Input selection check this by pressing the input selection button on top of the projector. The current input selection will show up on the screen, you should press the button until you see "RGB1"
  • On your computer (laptops only) try pressing "FN" (function) + the numbered function key that has a picture of a monitor on or above the key (usually F3, F7 or F8). You may need to do this twice.
  • Computer Screen Resolution If your screen resolution is set higher than 800 x 600 you may need to reduce it for the picture to be projected do this in Windows by going to "my computer", "control panel", "display", "settings", "display area" move the arrow to the left until you see 800 x 600 and then "apply" the new setting.

Turning off Projector

First turn off the computer, then press the off button on top of the projector the projector will then prompt you to press the off button again if you are sure you want to turn off the projector. After pressing the off button again the fan will remain on for approximately 1 minute to cool the bulb. When the fan stops press the power switch on the back of the projector, you may then disconnect the cable. Please wait until the fan has stopped before unplugging or disconnecting the projector!


This page was last updated on September 28, 2001