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Equipment Rental 


  • Listed at a per day charge

  • Weekly rentals (5 consecutive days) will be charged for 4 days

  • 24 hour days starts at time of pick up

  • Equipment is only available for Health Care professionals or Health Care education events we are not able to rent to the public

35 mm Slide Projector $15.00
Caramate   (35mm Slide viewer) $15.00
Overhead Projector $15.00
Computer/Video Projector $60.00
Large Projection Screen   (6x6) $15.00
Medium / Small Projection Screen   $10.00
Laser Pointer $10.00
TV/VCR Combo $30.00
VHS Camcorder / tripod $30.00
Portable PA System $30.00
Microphone $10.00
Audio Mixer $20.00
Audio Cassette Player $10.00
Polycom Sound Station (audio phone interface) $20.00
Adult CPR Mannequin $15.00
Child CPR Mannequin $15.00
Infant CPR Mannequin $15.00
Automatic External Defibrillator $10.00
Portable Easel (with Flipchart) $15.00
Portable Easel  (without Flipchart) $8.00
Extension Cord $7.00
Power Strip $7.00
X-Ray View Box (small) $8.00
Off site delivery and setup services are dependent on staff availability, please call ext 231 for further information. 
Equipment delivery  (per event) $35.00
Equipment pick up   ( per event) $35.00
Equipment operator  ( per hour) $35.00


This page was last updated on January 2, 2007