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Becoming an AHA Instructor


In order to become an AHA instructor you must:

  • be motivated to teach

  • be motivated to facilitate learning

  • be motivated to ensure that students acquire the skills necessary for successful course completion

  • view student assessment as a way to improve individual knowledge and skills

Instructor Course Prerequisites

  • ACLS/PALS:  Current Provider status in the discipline the candidate wishes to teach

  • BLS:  Current Healthcare Provider status

  • A minimum score of 90% on the written examination during Provider training without remediation.

  • A completed Instructor Candidate Application must be provided to the Course Director of the Instructor Course.

  • A letter of recommendation from lead instructor or course director of the Instructor Candidate's Provider course stating reasons for supporting the candidate's desire to become an Instructor.


Upon completion of the Instructor course, the Instructor Candidate must be monitored within 90 days of completing the course by a Training Center Faculty member.

Once you have completed all of the requirements to become an Instructor, you must align with a Community Training Center.



This page was last updated on August 16, 2004